who the goshdarn are we?

Founded by Vanessa Stockley in June 2002, we recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary! Our love and gratitude to all our clients, past and present. We appreciate you.

Granite Studios is a network of freelance artists, consultants and associates. We assemble project-specific teams: working with graphic designers, media consultants, web technicians, artists, writers, editors, photographers, recording studios, and more! The flexibility of an expansive network keeps overhead at a minimum while maintaining a wide range, and high level, of expertise ... Cost savings that are passed on to you!

Being an unconventional network also means we are available on a conveniently unconventional schedule when your project calls for it. Braving the 'unmentionable' hours is what we do best! We have a portfolio that includes clients from Newfoundland to British Columbia: there are no geographic boundaries with technology!

While most projects are completed by our principals, Granite Studios is able to draw upon the skills of a wide range of talented professionals and associates. Matching client with skillset for 15 years! ... whether the project requires an individual with a particular skillset, or a large, dynamic, professional team!

the vision

To build a diverse network of highly skilled, heart-driven individuals, in numerous disciplines and levels of experience. This will allow us to work on a sliding scale of billing, which assures you that, from non-profit to corporate, our efforts and project dedication won't waver, and we are able to work within a wide range of budgets. Additionally, having a diverse network of principals and associates to draw upon means we can take on almost any project you can dream up!

Our focus is YOU. Our objective is to help make you visible.

what we do

Logos. Brochures. Annual Reports. Magazine. Books. Promotionals. Web Development. Marketing. Media Consulting. Film. Music Videos. Commercials. Copy Writing. Copy Editing. Radio Jingles & Commercials. Recording/EPs/Albums. Studio Musicians. Event Photography. Aerial Photography. Curation for Home & Office. Phew! Pretty much the whole kit & kaboodle ... That project? We got this.

Our consultants work from studios in various locations, we therefore operate by appointment or facetime/skype meetings: a process that's easy, time- and cost-efficient, and old hat in today's tech-driven world ... Technology also allows us to have clients across the globe! Advancements in technologies means there are no geographical boundaries ... To discuss your project, or request a quote, email Vanessa: info@granitestudios.ca

We love what we do, and we work passionately to ensure that you love it too!

the team

Vanessa Stockley

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Owner

Joan Sullivan

Copy Writer, Copy Editor

Rhonda Pelley

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Artist


Tammy Carew

Event Photography


Meghan Fahey

Craftsperson, Designer, Artist